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Foundations for Mindful Leadership
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Through our Mindful Leader Program, you have the potential to make real and positive changes in your team. This has been one of our most sought after expert facilitated programs and we're now offering it online. We've taken our years of insight and experience addressing workplace issues like performance, conflict, return to work, and building strong teams, and offered it in Mindful Leader. You'll hear our expert's tips and tricks that will support you as a leader and set your team and organization up for success.

After completing our 
required course in the Mindful Leader program, Foundations for Mindful Leadership, learners will have: 
- The awareness and understanding of what it is to be a Mindful Leader. 
- Strategies that address workplace challenges and earn their commitment.  
- Personalized plans to help staff focus on their well-being and ways they can support their mental health.