Individual Courses
Looking to just register for one course, no problem at all! 

We HIGHLY recommend you register and complete Foundations for Mindful Leadership first because the content within it will set you up for the best experience in the rest of our courses.
Foundations for Mindful Leadership
+13% HST
Foundations for Mindful Leadership is the first course in the Mindful Leader program and we always recommend any learner begin here. The tools and strategies we share in this course will set you up for success in whichever Mindful Leader course you chose to take next. 

After completing our 
recommended first course in the Mindful Leader program, Foundations for Mindful Leadership, learners will have: 
- The awareness and understanding of what it is to be a Mindful Leader. 
- Strategies that address workplace challenges and earn their commitment.  
- Personalized plans to help staff focus on their well-being and ways they can support their mental health.
Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues
+13% HST
In Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues, we'll be building upon the tools and strategies taught in Foundations for Mindful Leadership to share ways you can continue to support staff and address workplace challenges with intention. 
If you have not yet completed Foundations for Mindful Leadership, we highly recommend you do. This will give you the best Mindful Leader experience.  

After completing Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues
, learners will have: 
- Tools to recognize when someone may be struggling with work tasks, significant stressors, or a potential health issue.  
The ability to engage in an effective and solution-based conversation with an employee who may be struggling.   
An understanding of the resources available to staff, when to refer resources, and how to suggest resources to staff.